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Polishing wheel should be why industry, what is the material composition

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Polishing wheel everyone not unfamiliar, but you know what it is to belong to industry?
Polishing wheel unit: composed of multi-layer combined material.
Polishing wheel: consists of a layer or multilayer polishing wheel unit, you can buy a finished product, combined together arbitrarily or it should be used for shaft.
Fran: is used to tighten metal polishing wheel.Pay per flange bite together so as to achieve the purpose of anti-skid.
Surface, side: be polishing wheel working surface.
The surface villi: a class of easy sticky polishing wax.
Polishing wax: it is a kind of applied to surface polishing wheel for grinding effect of the material, by abrasive, wax, grease, etc.Material from the coarse grinding of corundum powder to the best effect of gems have their own different USES.Abrasive polishing is cutting material, adhesive and wax, fat is the function of.
Level of cloth:
Normal, double agglutination and permeability
Outer diameter size, diameter of bore size
The number of slices, thickness
Standard stitch or a spiral suture
The introduction of polishing wheel is here now.


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