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Use characteristics of wire drawing wheel

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Jewels plane polishing wheel, it is a kind of pressure wheel, it consists of a number of polishing wheel piece of pressing, described each polishing the outer surface of the round pieces evenly coated with a layer of polishing oil reservoir.In polishing process does not need to be alone and go.It has simple structure, easy to use.The polishing effect is good.
The material of polishing wheel and polishing wheel is slightly different, it is made of elastic better all kinds of cotton cloth, fine felt, silk, made of deerskin, etc.In addition, in order to save and interlock fabric made of special paper cloth wheel has also been widely used.
Polishing wheel hardness with suture line distance to decide, the smaller the suture line distance, the higher the hardness of the polishing wheel.In order to make the softer in polishing wheel, polishing wheel production should pay attention to keep enough distance between stitches and wheel edges (also have no stitches).Polishing large workpiece, useful also have special air cooling device of the polishing wheel.
Polishing wheel can be divided into three ways:
1) the stitching the whole cloth wheel.Use soft cotton cloth is made, appropriate polishing complex shape workpiece, or for small workpiece fine polishing.
2) type of suture.Multi-purpose cloth, non-woven fabrics and fine plain cloth, stitches can adopt the concentric circles type spiral and direct radiation form, appropriate polishing all kinds of coating and shape a simpler job.
3) the wind cotton gauze round.USES 45 degrees of horn line cutting method, annular corrugated shaped, with a metal disk, middle has the characteristics of ventilation cooling, appropriate polishing large workpiece.


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