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Three kinds of operation modes of the polishing wheel

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The latest way of polishing wheel running out, together we look at the following content:
Polishing wheel can be divided into three ways:
1) the stitching the whole cloth wheel.Use soft cotton cloth is made, appropriate polishing complex shape workpiece, or for small workpiece fine polishing.
2) type of suture.Use cloth, non-woven fabrics and fine plain cloth, stitches can use concentric circles type spiral and straight form of radiation, appropriate polishing work of various kinds of coating and shape a simpler.
3) the wind cotton gauze round.USES 45 degrees of horn line cutting method, annular corrugated shaped, with a metal disk, middle has the characteristics of ventilation cooling, appropriate polishing large workpiece.
Polishing wheel used in various industries are very big, so here is a simple introduction.
Pay more attention to polishing wheel, please:


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