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Wire drawing machine wire drawing wheel operation requirements

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In the face of the New Year, 2015, wire drawing machine wire drawing wheel what new operation requirements?
A, licensing requirements:
(1), the operator must hold a wire drawing machine operation certificate, it is strictly prohibited to unlicensed personnel computer operation.
[2], the operator must be conducted in the designated equipment production processing operation, it is forbidden to non-native personnel computer operation or string of bit operation.
(3), the operator must be familiar with the basic technical parameters and performance index of this device.
(4), the operator must be loyal to their duties, is responsible earnestly, familiar with the equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance.
5], summarize the operating personnel must constantly learning, its quality enhances unceasingly.
Second, the safe operation:
(1), the operator must wear gloves operation, in case of workpiece burn your fingers and affect the quality of the product.
2, should be check carefully before starting the equipment supply
(5 kg/cm2), whether the gas supply pipeline leak, drains water from the air filter.

(3), correct installation wiredrawing abrasive belt (wiredrawing abrasive belt inside the arrow direction with the direction arrow on wire drawing roller).Carefully check the upper and lower bearing seat and the lifting screw lubrication are in good condition, determine the material on the positive person to boot.
(4), the equipment after start-up should immediately check whether the abrasive belt swing is within the scope of the requirements, or other anomalies, otherwise should be dealt with immediately adjust or shutdown.
5], it is forbidden to wire drawing machine and dust collecting fan starts at the same time, the operation personnel leave work after it is strictly prohibited to boot.
[6], it is forbidden to artifacts need not directly on the conveyor belt, wire drawing, it is forbidden to leave work article no wood pallet block directly drawing, so as not to damage the conveyor belt and workpiece flew from cuts.
Once, when two people, in the rear of the equipment operation personnel shall not export of wire drawing machine, in order to avoid artifacts flying out of one thousand cuts.
Being, wire drawing machine pressure adjustment should be moderate, general pressure gauge instructions should be between 35 to 75, it is strictly prohibited to more than the red line, lest cause the equipment or personal accident.
'levies, equipment, it is forbidden to adjust the air pressure in the normal operation state, lest cause equipment, personal accident abrasive belt is out of control.
⑽, equipment in the process of running abnormal phenomenon, should immediately shutdown, power outages, so as to avoid failure.
⑾ should shut off the main power supply when maintenance, equipment, and brand operation is forbidden, lest cause an accident.
Long stay available, from work or equipment should be shut off the main power and compressed air, to ensure the safety of equipment.
Wire drawing machine wire drawing wheel operation requirements is such, hope I can help you.


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