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What is the tipping polishing polishing wheel?

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  The polishing wheel industry is still not standard, on the market a variety of polishing wheel very much, quality, size, different forms. A cork polishing wheel which is also a lot of people may not have heard of it, do not know what it is. What is the tipping polishing polishing wheel? Today Xiaobian talk to you.

  In fact tipping polishing wheel is the final polishing and grinding wheel, it can not only replace our common wool wheel, and hardness than wool wheel high, it and wool wheel compared to lens to different precise polishing effect. Wool wheel is relatively soft, polishing after sometimes mirror will stay be meager round India cannot get rid of, and tipping wheel is hard, can remove traces of the small. The polishing effect is more accurate. The features of its products are wear-resistant, high temperature, high polishing precision, good polishing effect, naturally became the customer's favorite.

  The polishing wheel polishing the cork is almost such, I hope to help you.
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