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Sponge polishing wheel is what? What are the characteristics?

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  The sponge polishing wheel is formed by the adhesion of the abrasive and the special bond. Not only in the polishing of low calorie is not easy to Burning parts and flexible, polishing performance is strong and have certain grinding ability, can quickly the rough surface is polished to bright surface to reduce the polishing process.

1 because of grinding wheel structure by a special synthetic resin with, strengthen the resistance and grinding force, more because the wheel tissue due to the existence of a special holes, can rapidly remove debris, to avoid the occurrence of packing and fever, adapted to the work of grinding for a long time.
It can avoid the use of general grinding wheel and abrasive cloth and prone to fever or packing phenomenon. The use of sponge polishing wheel can reduce grinding costs, improve grinding efficiency, improve product grinding finish.
The main components of sponge polishing wheel are special synthetic resin.
4 Bonded soft with retardancy, #150 sponge grinding wheel on grinding surface without leaving deep defect pattern, can evenly light cleansing can be quite light clay wheel or emery cloth wheel #400 cleansing.

  Above is the introduction of the sponge polishing wheel.
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