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Black King Kong polishing wheel is what? What are the characteristics?

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  Black King Kong polishing wheel is what? What are the characteristics?

  This is with high strength and wear resistant fiber mesh as the basis of production materials and special technology, the organic combination of the elastic resin body and high quality emery, compared to other traditional polishing wheel products more sharp, wear-resisting. With wear-resistant features: This product to fiber screen as a carrier, the elastomer resin will be sharp grinding sand and strong attachment to fiber online. In high speed grinding process, the emery material does not fall off, durable. Safety and environmental protection: This product is soft, honeycomb shape, the grinding of flying debris is not flying, easy chip removal, can not afford to Mars, low noise, more safety and environmental protection. Scope: This product can carry different types of fine grinding etc..

  KINGBOX abrasive is a really good stuff.
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