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BD抛光轮应对不同厚度的抛光物体都有哪些注意点? BD polishing wheel to deal with different thickness of the polishing obje

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  Famous BD polishing wheel is by polymer materials after high temperature firing of, glass object is its main polishing ah, the end surface of the profiled machines and CNC lathe engraving machine. Deeply favored by the majority of customers polishing materials, cast a light of the people all know know of polishing an object thickness is very small, often other people do not feel good, in fact, the main attention at some point, whether it is thick dry easily, then BD polishing wheel with different thickness of the polishing object have what pay attention to?

In the processing of thin glass (8 - 3) mm or down security angle we have to choose the hard or super hard, because the glass is thin and easy to cut a deep groove in the grinding wheel, causing the grinding wheel is extremely easy to wear. For processing (8 to 12) mm to selection of hard or soft, of a 12 - 19 mm thick glass processing first with the soft and super soft, because hard difficult slot with the thick glass, is not conducive to the polishing, the polishing quality is influenced. BD polishing wheel in the use of the process to choose the appropriate hardness, different speed of the polishing effect will produce significant changes, after a small series of the use of summary.

BD polishing wheel in response to different thickness of the polishing object is to do so.
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