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Who will bear the responsibility for the failure of the polishing machine?

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  Polishing wheel construction process, it is easy to accident safety accidents, then the polishing wheel for fault accident who will bear the responsibility? The employer is no compensation ability of owners jointly and severally liable, or business owners rent facilities need to ensure that the lessee has qualification. In fact, there are some bar.

It is understood that the improper operation of the polishing wheel is prone to security incidents, through the project contracting, leasing and other venues and equipment, etc., to be managed by others, the situation is not uncommon. Many business owners think this way, once the accident, they also can disassociate themselves without having to bear responsibility. Therefore, the legal profession remind the majority of business owners, the production site, equipment rental, should ensure that contract, the lessee has the corresponding qualifications and wages and prices, have the ability to perform good organizers of production management of production safety responsibility. Otherwise, once an accident occurs, the same need to bear the corresponding joint and several liability.

  This is the responsibility of the polishing wheel for fault
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