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Polishing wheel grinding material how to type?

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  Polishing wheel grinding material is the main material of metal surface cutting and trimming process. In the actual production, the commonly used abrasive artificial corundum, corundum, carborundum, diatomite, quartz sand and pumice. So polishing wheel grinding material how to type?

1 Diamond - with medium hardness and excellent toughness, suitable for all metal polishing.
2 - pumice its hardness is very poor, is crisp, suitable for grinding and polishing of wood, leather, rubber, plastic and glass etc..
3. Quartz sand is of medium degree of hardness of the particles, it has no sharp cut noodles, its toughness is also very good, is general of the Polish and polishing material.
4: not too sharp with diatomite cutting surface and excellent toughness, repairable flat metal surface scratches and scratches and other defects. It is a universal polishing, polishing materials.
Toughness of 5 artificial corundum with high hardness and low (compared to other abrasive) is mainly used for rough grinding and polishing of low strength metal (such as iron, brass, bronze and polished).
6 artificial and natural corundum - two. The more Al2O3 content in bauxite corundum, its hardness is higher. Is a good material with corundum grinding wheel for coarse grinding, it is artificial emery toughness. Corundum particles is multifaceted, particles with sharp edges compared with the artificial emery sharp blunt. Suitable for grinding is tough and high breaking strength of metal, such as hardened steel, malleable iron, manganese bronze.

  The polishing wheel grinding material, according to the above all kinds of abrasive properties, summed up in the right to do.
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