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What kind of polishing wax is used in the polishing wheel?

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  Professional instructors know that the use of polishing wheel can not be separated from the polishing wax, the production of various types of stainless steel signs also need to use a variety of different polishing wax, so that the signs look more bright and bright. What kind of polishing wax is used in the polishing wheel? This is a very important issue, the following small series for you to analyze the types of polishing wax.

1, black polishing wax 80B, rough grinding 06102.
Use: This product is used for coarse grinding process for stainless steel, tableware, casting, polishing, a major role is trachoma, burr removal, etc. the rough surface leveling to achieve a smooth effect.
2, white polishing wax 2 90w2, rough grinding 06104
Purpose: goods for the middle of the polishing process, and is especially suitable for 316, 321, 420, 430 series stainless steel, stainless iron hard metal materials in grinding, such as tableware, automobile wheel hub, chemical equipment and so on.
3, purple polishing wax 1 90P, fine grinding 06105
Application: This product is applicable to the 200, 300 series decorative tube, stainless steel pot, kitchen utensils, etc..
4, grinding paste water soluble and oil soluble 06109
Usage: suitable for stainless steel, hard alloy, glass, ceramics, mold, measuring tools, cutting tools and other materials with high hardness and high clean degree of the workpiece grinding and polishing processing.

Above is the most common types of polishing wax polishing wheel when used, we can according to the need to deal with the material to a reasonable choice.
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