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What are the techniques for polishing the stainless steel inner wall?

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  In the inner wall of polished stainless steel polishing wheel technology with usually is not the same, now the polishing technology advances with times is good, want to know now in inner wall of polished stainless steel has what technology? Follow the small series to see it.

Polishing wheel in inner wall of stainless steel polishing technology mainly includes the "mechanical polishing technology" and "electrochemical polishing technology" in two main ways, mechanical polishing surface smoothness is good, but labor costs may relatively high, poor consistency. Electrochemical polishing wheel, good uniformity, light and low labor cost. Mechanical polishing and electrochemical polishing wheel, there will be an unexpected good results. Good inner wall of stainless steel polishing technology, the above 0.2mm tubular inner wall polishing can meet international standards, to solve the polishing wheel in inner wall polishing of stainless steel is a problem, is the advanced technology of the deep hole polishing industry. Inner wall of polished stainless steel, has been have such technical barriers and difficulties, such as deep processing of the knife grain and other scratch, hole wall is smooth degree is very difficult to guarantee, especially deep scratches, through quilting grinding mills, and other processing methods are overcome the following hole wall roughness.

Above is in the stainless steel inner wall polishing now some of the technology.
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