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Master the use of the specific action detailed polishing wheel

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  Master in the use of polishing wheel when each step should pay attention to it and the general action of our unconscious will pay attention, afraid afraid of some minor details for the novice to forget, there is a detailed polishing wheel operation steps for the novice on the significant is important, so the specific polishing wheel action detailed how to?

  The polishing wheel turns towards itself and runs at full speed. A polishing wax on the wheel rim for a few seconds, so that the wax is attached to the wheel. Grip the workpiece light on the polishing wheel surface, and to ensure that the workpiece in the central axis of the wheel below the level surface, or the wheels will probably be thrown from the hands of the workpiece. Accurate control method is used, a round face and then gently touch the workpiece with the workpiece. This helps to stop the sharp appearance, produce freckles. Need to fill up the wax, but not too much. If the excess will make the workpiece produce many deep traces of freckles. If carelessly with wax too much, with iron brush to wipe things, need re coating. Do not force the wax on the surface of the wheel, to allow the wheel to rotate freely. When the workpiece is changed from coarse to fine polishing (Shang Guang), do not have coarse particles left in the wheel, or will breed scratch. When polishing is completed, the workpiece surface is wiped with a soft cloth stained with talc powder.

  Above not only on the polishing wheel master can grasp the whole process, but also after a long period of skilled use of polishing wheel.
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