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Polishing wheel polishing granite stone how to do?

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  Granite rock to achieve a certain surface quality requirements, it must go through the polishing wheel grinding and polishing, the abrasive materials and processes should be selected according to the stone material. The following Xiaobian introduce two kinds of granite polishing method for you.

One way is to use a loose abrasive and liquid wood or ointment mixed into a polishing suspension or polishing paste as a polishing agent with the appropriate device added to the polishing tool or workpiece polishing. The abrasive used are diamond powder, silicon carbide powder and white corundum powder, etc.. Different abrasives should be used with different materials of abrasive tools. When using silicon carbide abrasive to use gray iron grinding tools. When using diamond abrasives, it is best to use tin coated abrasives. Another method is to use bonded abrasive, that is, diamond, silicon carbide or white corundum powder as abrasive and binder to burn, knot plating or bonding method made grinding block. Fixed to the grinding table made of polishing head. Small blocks commonly used adhesive materials such as asphalt or sulfur, grinding block with dovetail groove connected to the disc.

Use polishing wheel polishing granite are generally made in conjunction with coarse grinding and fine grinding process, so polished granite grinding head to and coarse grinding, grinding and fine grinding for lost with make a.
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