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Ultrasonic polishing wheel product introduction

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  Ultrasonic mold polishing wheel is now more common a kind of polishing wheel, its role is very substantial, is more useful products, so everyone is more or less know what is the product of ultrasonic mold polishing wheel.

  Ultrasonic polishing wheel is the most ideal products in the polishing industry. Technically, SD-1008A retains and adds the following features: the panel and the motherboard respectively using single-chip microcomputer control, with automatic frequency search and lock function generated by the microcomputer; accurate five spark pulse and ninety-nine pulse pattern and enhancement, can realistically simulate the sub light to spark pattern electric thick in the pattern of state; strengthen the state the working surface of tungsten carbide with high wear resistance of the coating material transfer to the workpiece, thus prolonging the service life of the components; due to the improvement of the sound output circuit, the machine is very suitable for fiber oil stone and diamond file for vibration grinding of rough surface; adding voice with artificial intelligence live voice prompt function, provide a strong guarantee for the correct and safe use of polishing wheel.

  The above is about the ultrasonic polishing wheel of some of the introduction.
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