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Working principle of polishing machine mould

datatime:2016.05.27 times: 
  Mold polishing machine effect is obvious to all, can be said to be the polishing wheel upgrade, just do not understand what is what makes the polishing wheel effect can be achieved so badly, then let's look at the working principle of polishing machine dies in the polishing.

Polishing wheel frequencies above 20kHz mechanical vibration wave known as ultrasonic, ultrasonic polishing principle is: transducer the input ultra audio frequency electrical signal into mechanical vibration, the horn amplification, transmission to hold on the horn of the tool head, drive attachment on the tool head diamond abrasive high-speed friction of the workpiece, resulting in the workpiece surface roughness decreased rapidly, so as to realize the polishing function.
2, polishing wheel in order to improve the roughness above Ra1.6 workpiece polishing speed, this machine using metal tool head and the workpiece contact vibration generated when the rebound in space, in the medium of the gap were high-frequency electric spark pulse discharge corrosion, change the pulse width of the surface roughness quickly reached mm; then use bamboo tool and diamond grinding paste of ultrasonic vibration grinding, thus improving the polishing speed, but also greatly reduce the cost of polishing.
3, polishing wheel with metal in the air discharge, anode material will transfer to the principle of the cathode surface, the machine with tungsten carbide tool head (positively charged) in the workpiece (negatively charged) discharge, on the surface of the workpiece and produce a layer thickness in the reinforced layer of 10-20 microns.

Above is the polishing wheel in the polishing machine working principle.
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