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Mold polishing machine features

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  Mold polishing machine in the use of a lot of daily life in the use of more and more widely, presumably also withstood the test of the long time, which is also more and more able to bring some convenience to everyone. Save a lot of time is for sure, in the usual use is also very useful, so what is the characteristics of the polishing machine to get this award?

1, mold polishing machine microcomputer control, resonant frequency automatic search and lock function;
2, NC nine section of the vibration size and discharge gap tracking adaptive function;
3, the mold polishing machine five electric spark strength control function;
4, numerical control ninety-nine gear electric spark pattern function;
5, numerical control ninety-nine gear electric spark strengthening function;
6, electric spark output using inductive energy storage technology, power saving and durable;
7, die polishing machine voice prompts voice prompts;
8, mold polishing machine power automatic compensation control, make the machine work efficiency is further improved.

  All of the above eight points are the characteristics of the mold polishing machine.
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