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Mold polishing machine applicable scope

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  The use of mold polishing machine greatly enhance the efficiency of our production, at the same time we die polishing machine to some simple knowledge, like the mold polishing machine suitable for is that we must to understand the basics of, then mold polishing machine applicable scope is what?

  Mold polishing machine applicable scope: all kinds of mold (including hard alloy mould, plastic mold, metal mold, die casting mold, etc.) of complex cavity, narrow groove slit and hole rough surface to mirror the whole shape polishing. In the plastic mold processing said that the polishing and other industries in the requirements of the surface polishing is very different, strictly speaking, the polishing of the mold should be referred to as the mirror finish. The mold polishing machine not only has the high request to the polishing itself, but also has the very high standard to the surface smoothness, smooth degree as well as the geometry precision. Surface polishing is generally only required to obtain a bright surface can be. Mirror processing standards are divided into four levels: AO=Ra0.008 m, A1=Ra0.016 mA3=Ra0.032 mu mA4=Ra0.063 mu m, due to the electrolytic polishing, fluid polishing and other methods it is difficult to accurately control the geometric precision of the mold and parts.

  And chemical polishing, magnetic abrasive polishing and other methods of surface quality is not up to the requirements, so the mirror surface machining of precision molds or mold polishing machine plus the appropriate mechanical polishing.
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