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Why the polishing wheel is suitable for small parts of the grinding and polishing?

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  Polishing wheel manufacturers are also very much, when everyone mentioned in the polishing wheel of this machine, how many of them know it? Simple speaking, the polishing wheel is in recent years new credentials market demand, research and development of new grinding set equipment deployment, set equipment deployment of efficacy than advanced past the old grinding machine. Especially obey the thing of it is more than 2 times the old grinding machine and polishing grinding wheel from the product quality also than the old grinding machine's character has substantial progress to is now the polishing wheel is on the market hot set equipment deployment. Several features of the lower polishing wheel:

1, practical for small and thin parts of the grinding and polishing.
2, the drum can be exchanged within the barrel of polyurethane, convenient, low cost, and progress of things to obey.
3, synchronous belt drive, stable operation, low noise, quiet and environmental protection.
4, planetary transmission method, the use of the principle of centrifugal activity, light decorated with high light, and progress to obey 5-20 times.
5, synchronous belt drive, active discharge, stable operation, low noise, long service life.
6, the inner barrel admission entrance polyurethane adhesive, acid and alkali, more wear-resistant; can change the barrel, improve service life, low cost.

Above is the reason why the polishing wheel is suitable for the grinding and polishing of small parts.
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