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What is the difference between the hard grinding and the hard sharpening in the polishing wheel?

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  The so-called polishing wheel is difficult to grinding material, is in the polishing wheel using grinding, the material of the grinding of poor processing of materials. Difficult to grind materials and hard cutting materials, there are many common characteristics, but also has not the same characteristics. Difficult to grind materials, and some of the more good cutting, such as non-ferrous metals in the copper, aluminum and its alloys. General hardened steel, cutting is difficult, can be more easily grinding.

  According to the physical and mechanical properties of the polishing wheel material
The toughness and plasticity of the workpiece material, hardness and thermal conductivity coefficient is low, the wear debris is easy to adhere to the surface of the grinding wheel, plug the hole, so that the grinding wheel to lose the ability to wear, resulting in increased grinding force, grinding temperature increased. Such as grinding high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, high vanadium high speed steel, iron, copper, aluminum, etc..
According to the grinding wheel grinding ratio to distinguish
In most cases, according to the polishing wheel grinding than g (abrasion ratio of the volume of the volume of the material of wheel wear) to distinguish material grinding performance of good and bad. The grinding ratio is large, the material is easy to grind, and vice versa. Grinding ratio of small materials, in the process of grinding, grinding wheel wear fast, high grinding force, grinding temperature is high, easy to produce vibration, low production efficiency.
According to the surface quality to distinguish

  Some parts of the material in the grinding, easy to produce burns and cracks and surface roughness, it is difficult to meet the requirements of surface quality. This kind of material is difficult to grind.
Above is about the difference between the polishing wheel material and difficult to cut, for your reference.
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