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Molding requirements for polishing wheels

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  The need to shape the requirements of the polishing wheel is a lot of people want to know, but also must reach the level, so we need to have an understanding of the requirements of the molding, the following we would like to say.

  The polishing wheel is finally processed into various forms of polishing wheel, which can be divided into four types: the film type, the stack type, the folding type and the attached shaft type. Emitter type: the sand felt cut into the required size of the rectangular block. Arranged in a radial shape around the wheel core. The inner ring is bonded with an adhesive, and the density is increased from the outside. Stacking type: the sand felt cut into a required size of the layers of the park, the products are laminated and compact, and its density inside and outside the uniform. Fold type: the sand felt cut into the required size of the rectangular block, crumpled into Yuanhuan used in hexagonal steel buckled fixed and. Axis type polishing wheel: the sand felt is cut into the required size of the rectangular block in the round core arranged around a radial and inserted into the central axis of solid. Sand mat on the work surface with an accuracy of better than cloth, secondary, smooth surface, wear small, shakeout less, suitable for in the mechanized production of large quantities; the disadvantage is due to the abrasive and fiber only by adhesive bonding, bonding points smaller, shedding some abrasive.

  The polishing wheel is forming requirements mentioned above, hoping to have some help to much.
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