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The speed of the polishing wheel is the one aspect of this aspect.

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  Polishing wheel rotation speed on the results of the workpiece and the life of the grinding tool you can know? What kind of material is hard and surface treatment? When the effect is high, the polishing wheel needs a very high speed.

But the life of the polishing wheel are shortened, soft materials with low surface treatment, the results are relatively rough. The influence of feeding speed of workpiece local lines: the feed speed more quickly, some were grinding time is short, ridge segment number less; feed speed is slow, allowing a longer time to deal with local lines. When grinding the workpiece, the pressure: the pressure is easy to burn the workpiece, and the grinding wheel (Pao Guanglun) will change the shape; the pressure of the workpiece lines is not clear enough, the efficiency is not high enough. Usually the wing polishing wheel pressure is relatively small, the volume of the tension wheel pressure is bigger.

Above is the use of the polishing wheel you know it.
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