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Modern dipping process of polishing wheel

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  We now see the polishing wheel impregnation process experienced the development of a long period of time, called this process in fact, in simple terms is polishing wheel to can adapt to the grinding products, requires a certain processing, improve the performance of abrasive grinding, following detailed to talk about it.

  Polishing wheel modern dipping process is in the traditional process based on the development and modern impregnation process is first II II 24A40CMI - CM2K5B characteristics of 150 x 13 x 32 polishing wheel heating to 140 - 150 DEG C, and then into the heated to 130, 135 DEG C impregnating melt material, rotary speed is from 2.8 revolutions per second down to stop pulse rotation 4 minutes. This ensures that all of the impregnation agent components are evenly soaked in the polishing wheel.

  The polishing wheel from the melt or turn out, rely on turning it to throw excess impregnating agent. Holding time in the air for 1.5 - 1 hours. In accordance with the specification discard excess impregnating agent, dressing in a diamond will not form tumors, and in the grinding surface not greasy plug, and the grinding surface does not produce burns.
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