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Abrasive belt polishing wheel grinding effect how

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  Use the polishing abrasive wheel grinding effect is more smooth this is we reflect, and after the completion of a mirror effect, and the reflection rate of more than 98%, feel for flat, smooth and exquisite. So in a specific case to ensure the effect will be used, but also to ensure that the following aspects require strict checks.

1, batch of ash and inlay fill
This process must be done after the polishing wheel is closed. After a number of aspects of ash will close belt seriously affected the usefulness of, the second stop batch dust usually use the pig putty water osmotic excretion in density board. The best use of belt defects to patching putty.
2, substrate selection
The preferred high density fiberboard, followed by MDF, belt polishing wheel and don't use wood launched. Polishing wheel using melamine board as usual to consider the use of melamine layer under the fiber board density, low density of the launch of bad luck.
3, useful off
In the moisture content of the substrate compliance environment effective close in time, the polishing abrasive belt wheel closed off for 6 to stop Department bare in the atmosphere, close the result. The use of PE off the results is better than the use of PU off.
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