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Application of new polishing material fiber wheel

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  Fiber wheel is a kind of polishing and grinding material, also known as fiber polishing wheel, nylon fiber wheel, non-woven fiber round, cutting force strong, part of traditional abrasive cloth, sponge cloth wheel and glue sand cloth belt, can cover the remnant of the emery cloth thick line, for casting large flash fine except and low repair effect is excellent, and grinding grain fine appearance, used for manual and automatic grinding, middle or posterior segment line processing, and less obvious surface defects elimination, fiber wheel can throw plane, concavo convex surface as well as a variety of groove. On the surface of the metal workpiece is thrown the matte, mercerized, until the mirror, use in fine polishing and rough polishing.

1, polishing wheel metal surface polishing, went to the Bian Yuan thorn, lock after plating the surface of the light drawing. Cast stainless steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, iron and other metal parts, sand ripple effect is good, uniform line, good wear resistance.
2, the fiber polishing wheel can be used in conjunction with the ceramic, marble, polished tiles, such as the use of the stone industry, surface polishing and mirror polishing.
3, metal surface polishing, polishing round edge angle. Such as throwing furniture, wood industrial products, resin industrial products, etc..
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