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We need time to focus on the development of the polishing wheel.

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  Polishing wheel development brings us a number of benefits are not the best, let us take a good look at the following.

  Polishing wheel machining in industrial products, especially in the light industry, the production process of mechanical products is an important process in the polished aluminum, stainless steel plates and high-quality products, to improve the surface quality of the product plays a key role in the decision. At present our country on the product surface polishing generally use cotton wheel or the polishing paste grinding wheel. Due to the emery is easy to fall off, sticky sand is not uniform, resulting in low production efficiency, large energy consumption, high labor intensity and environmental hygiene difference; at the same time each year will consume a lot of cotton, and poor surface quality of the processed products, low precision, so we need to develop.

  Like sticky sand production method with synthetic fiber as raw material, using nonwovens production process, of a certain thickness, high loft no non-woven felt, then the abrasive and adhesive is uniformly sprayed composite non-woven felt, after drying, polishing wheel depends on the effect of the binder, adhesion formed in the fiber has the certain polishing ability of polishing wheel.
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