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What processes are possible to a large extent reduce the cost of the polishing wheel

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    The cost of polishing wheel is the first choice for manufacturers, most of the people use the antique color plating process to reduce. And can bring the old sense of product. With years of erosion, the color will produce color difference of convex concave. This is a good choice for the present.

    The application of the polishing wheel electroplating patina is characteristic of patina on product held credentials to do the old disposal punishment. Traditional patina electroplating market situation prevailing; ancient bronze, ancient silver. Gookin, Antique Nickel, ancient tin, bronze and dumb patina series. Old essentials, like usually, first electroplating material. Bronze, silver, gold, tin, copper, matte color plating black or dyed black, then polishing wheel manufacturers polished about polishing about drawing disposal punishment, finally immersion and drying. This product can make the electroplating processing processing variety of both elegant and beautiful antique decorative coating. But such processed products require substantial coating to be thick, otherwise in the subsequent old disposal punishment time, including polishing, wire drawing, polishing, coating if too thin Huizao cost of color coating wear pull, cause rework.

    Polishing wheel manufacturers is to rely on this process to save a lot of cost.
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