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Suggestion on polishing wheel outer circle

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In a circular tube polishing the outer circle of polishing is very important point, so in the use of polishing wheel is particularly important, polishing effect is good by the majority of users welcomed. However, in the use of the process, there is always such or such a reason to affect the working efficiency of the cylindrical polishing machine, the following we will study the impact of the outer round polishing wheel production factors, and find out the corresponding method.

Choose when polishing the polishing wheel, should also be according to different material selection for the polishing wheel, namely to improve polishing efficiency, and will not cause waste of the polishing wheel, is used to polishing wheel with gauze thousands of pages of wheel, hemp wheel, nylon wheel, etc.. Polishing depth should just throw away the surface impurities or bumps is appropriate, too shallow polished length, polishing too deep will cause waste, will accelerate the wear degree of the polishing wheel.

And for the brightness of the rough wheel caused by the two cut is the limit, in any case the rough wheel to achieve a level of scratches, will not become a more fine effect. So in the choice of polishing wheel should be careful, the wrong choice of the fine wheel may be a waste of time, but the wrong choice of the rough round, then it may increase the follow-up work. Generally based on the case of the body scratches with the principle of the first fine after the rough screening, to find the most suitable polishing wheel.
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