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What is the speed of the polishing wheel material?

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  We have the polishing wheel on the different objects of the polishing is required, mainly to see the material, but still have to see the speed of the polishing wheel. So we have to understand the impact of different speed on us, then we have to talk about the different speed of polishing wheel.

  Polishing, polishing wheel peripheral speed should be than polishing wheel height and different metal materials should be chosen polishing wheel peripheral speed also have different such as: pig iron, copper, nickel optimum circumferential speed is 30 ~ 35m / S; copper and copper alloy, silver optimum circumferential speed for 22 ~ 30m / S; aluminum and aluminum alloy, zinc, tin, lead the best circumferential speed for 18 to 25m./s. This is the most common we have to understand, the hardness of the polishing wheel to the distance from the suture to decide, the smaller the distance between the suture line, the higher the hardness of the polishing wheel. In order to make the polishing wheel more flexible, the production of polishing wheel should pay attention to the distance between the seam and the wheel edge (there is no suture). Polishing large workpiece, and also useful for polishing wheel with special air cooling device.

  See here we have a certain understanding of the material speed of the polishing wheel.
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