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Brief introduction of MPU soft polishing wheel

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  MPU soft polishing wheel definition:
MPU soft polishing wheel: MPU (micro processing) and micro processing polishing wheel (SYZHENGTAI).
Polishing wheel: it is a kind of compression type flat wheel, which is composed of a number of polishing wheel.
With rich micro pore structure, uniform abrasive distribution, quality elasticity, toughness and water resistance, professional ideal plasticity, natural, sharpness, wear resistance, anti damage effects of burn scratch, specifications Qi straight drawing lines to effect, dry and wet grinding process suitable for excellent uniting feature.

Professional and widely used in electronic equipment, metal shell (such as: mobile phone shell, etc.), fine grinding, polishing and after the order of the wire drawing processing of the process. Widely used in non-ferrous metal, hard alloy and a variety of non-metallic materials, fine grinding and ultra fine grinding, fine polishing and polishing. Such as: stainless steel products, stainless steel cutlery, tableware, vacuum surface grinding, cup drawing polishing and surface treatment. The grinding and polishing of copper, aluminum products, metal watchband, lighting, golf club head, thin copper oxide layer. Kinescope glass and LCD glass, flat, precious stones, marble and horns, fine grinding and polishing. Ultra precision grinding and polishing of machine, automobile and special machinery parts.
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