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Application range of rubber polishing wheel

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  Now in the rubber polishing wheel is also more commonly used, mainly to deal with the mechanical or mechanical polishing. Like to do the contact wheel, large steel plate grinding machine, roller cylindrical grinding machine, manual double head blade grinding machine, 4-5-6 axis linkage CNC blade grinding and so on are useful to.

  We'll focus about cutlery grinding and polishing: application to the shank grinding, cutlery single-sided, double-sided grinding, and preferred another domestic hand sword lover imitation KMG abrasive belt machine supporting! Stainless steel sink aspects: main customers many, circular arc rubber wheel should sink arc grinding positioning. Rubber polishing wheel in this role has a very large, just apply in this. We do not have the usual polishing wheel for a long time polishing, and the effect is not good, it is better to let us use these to efficient and effective solution to it.
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