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The advantages of mechanical polishing relative polishing wheel

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  Now a lot of polishing are using mechanical polishing, mechanical industry, the traditional manual use of polishing wheel has been increasingly not, then compared with what advantage to speak of it? Let's take a look at it.

  Mainly rely on the modernization of mechanical polishing, cutting, material surface plastic deformation to removal and the polishing behind cam becomes smooth, usually with oilstone ah, sandpaper, and so on. This method makes this artificial way of polishing wheel is quite weak, of course, there are some is understandable is to use the polishing wheel to polish and use some special parts with surface treatment, you can also use some auxiliary tools and so on. Mechanical polishing method using a special tool, in many of the polishing method is the highest efficiency, the general manufacturers are using this method.

  The above is a small series of mechanical polishing of the introduction, is not more convenient than the traditional manual polishing wheel.
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