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Improve the polishing wheel before the sale can reduce

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  Our after-sales service in the polishing wheel the industry belongs to the leader in the years of service, we found a problem, sometimes, is due to pre order information is not clear, resulting in failure to buy, not normal use at work, generally in the Xinglong buffing wheel factory order hemp wheel, customer service will send the customer a order form for customers when ordered to clear their own needs polishing wheel and types, in no order form, pre need to pay attention to what matters it?

(a) project:
Double layer bonding, peripheral diameter, diameter of the inner diameter of the diameter of the number of pieces, the thickness of the standard or spiral suture suture.
(2) according to the different polishing processes: (basic polishing process of rough polishing, polishing (finishing process) and fine polishing (polish), choose suitable polishing wheel can achieve the best polishing effect and improve polishing efficiency.
You have to pay attention to these matters, it will choose to buy their own satisfaction with the polishing wheel.
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