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The difference between polishing wheel and cloth

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  When it comes to the polishing wheel and the wheels are a kind of polishing materials, of course, there is a difference between the. Generally do not understand the people may not see the difference between the two, but as long as it is understood that people will immediately recognize it, small make up is this, may wish to share with you the difference between them.

  From the first polishing wheel speed, faster than the speed of polishing. Secondly, from the smooth, stainless steel welding after the first polishing and buffing wheel Ma round throw, throw, will be very bright. Cloth hemp wheel polishing sticking wheel emery black corundum abrasive polishing polished with cold glue wheel sand sticking glue and traditional bone gelatin cow glue. Overall, two of the products are good, whether it is from the mouth of the customer, or the extent of the sales market. Can effectively reflect the polishing wheel and cloth wheel in the actual have a very different use.

  Now understand the difference between the polishing wheel and the wheel.
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