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Nylon polishing wheel after the vicissitudes of history

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  Nylon polishing wheel has gone through the vicissitudes of life, many people do not believe that the polishing wheel, I used less than a few years to have what the vicissitudes of life, the following will tell you how much the polishing wheel after the vicissitudes of life?

  In the last century, the eighties, with the growth of domestic decoration industry, decoration stainless steel for pipe, profile and sheet, strip, the demand increase, of these materials held grinding and polishing machine and polishing wheel has been introduced in our country. In the past twenty years, polishing wheel, polishing technology and equipment has been rapid growth, scope of application has been extended to all kinds of metal, wood, leather, ceramics, plastics, daily necessities industry industry, especially the industry operating in boiler industry of welded pipe before the rust, graying, polishing of the beer industry and chemical industry large set of equipment deployment and so on the inner wall of the tank, the quality and cost is other polishing essentials can be compared.

  Above is the nylon polishing wheel after the vicissitudes of life, we can know.
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