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More and more to save the polishing wheel is the focus of the material

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  Want to increase the cost of polishing wheel, you have to reduce the loss rate, mainly from the grinding and polishing, we began to analyze. We understand and understanding will know, how to correct for the production of grinding and polishing, will be more and more material saving, let Xiaobian the knowledgeable person to talk to you about it.

  First, tell us about the polishing abrasive material grinding agent, generally divided into natural abrasives and artificial abrasives. Natural abrasives include diamond, corundum, garnet, etc.. This we can choose according to the construction of the hardness. Next, we come to know the traditional grinding tool and abrasive agent is first from the workpiece research to a thin layer of surface layer of finish machining method, called grinding. When grinding, after the workpiece and research compact discs in the middle into emery or other abrasive, emery by extrusion, the workpiece surface to produce rupture, when the relative movement of the grinding wheel and the workpiece, according to grinding abrasive is used working fluid can be divided into wet grinding and dry grinding.
1, dry grinding method is small, generally fine processing, in the form of grinding is a bright mirror.
2, wet grinding method of processing a large amount of Yin is rough, wet grinding is the pear skin like dark face.

  Due to the polishing and grinding materials of irregular and it on the surface of the grinding wheel and the workpiece rolling, pieces of workpiece surface rupture and grinding a pieces was "pushed", so repeated, gradually workpiece surface became smooth and the plane of the precision.
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