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Components of a manual polishing machine

datatime:2016.07.25 times: 
  Manual polishing machine is a kind of electric tools, polishing machine comprises a base, selling, polishing fabric, polishing cover, polishing wheel and cover basic element. This is a look at all know, let us look at the following other aspects of the function bar.

  The electric motor is fixed on the base, and the cone sleeve of the polishing disc is connected with the motor shaft through a screw. Polishing fabric through fastening grommets on the polishing disc motor through the base of the switch on the power supply after the start, usable hand specimen of applied pressure on the rotation of the polishing wheel for polishing. The polishing process to join the polishing liquid through fixed on the base plate of the plastic drain pipe into the quadrate dish placed on the polishing machine next to the. Polishing cover and cover can prevent dust and other debris falling on the polishing fabric and the effect in the machine when not in use.

  The above is a deeper level of the manual polishing machine components.
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