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Do you really know the polishing wheel

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  For general weave of the polishing wheel, in addition to kinds of fibre, woven pattern density of different because of the different hardness, due to different production methods, which have different hardness. Generally used for coarse grinding of the polishing wheel (Polishingwheel), each layer of cloth with a binder to stick together. For the sewing of polishing wheel, due to the gap method and its density, and its hardness is different, it is mainly used for grinding. For grinding of metal, will use the polishing wheel with soft shirting from the center part of a (100sebuff). Even with the fiber polishing wheel, the hardness is changed. A polishing wheel, such as hemp, that can be used for rough grinding (sisalbuff, etc.), and the polishing wheel to blend the hemp and other fibers in order to adjust the hardness.

  In recent years, many polishing the grain polishing wheel and usually the weave of the polishing wheel different, does not occur raveled by wire scraps can prolong the life of the polishing wheel. In addition, the ventilation performance is good, and the cooling effect is arranged on the central fixture with a plurality of folds. The polishing wheel hardness, according to the radius and the density of fibre types, count, fold, the center of the fixture., sewing method of density are different. In order to make the fiber with proper hardness, it can also be used to process the fiber through the resin.

  As a non textile polishing wheel, except that the felt polishing wheel and disc with a mixture of synthetic resin fibers and abrasive materials, and has elastic and porous synthetic resin stone.
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