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Application of non woven wheel in metal surface treatment

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  With the continuous progress of society, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of the material also has a variety of new demands and changes, surface treatment is not just applied to the polishing wheel. Only the home most simple decorative pieces such as locks, faucets, bathroom accessories, pumping the oil fume machine etc. it from before a single smooth progress effect to all kinds of drawing lined effect. So according to the changing market a variety of metal surface treatment is the derivation of various kinds of surface treatment materials (such as steel wire brush, brush Brown linen, sandpaper emery cloth, polishing wheel, etc.).

  If from the high-grade surface texture is concerned, the customer is nothing more than to lined with the following requirements: (1) lined thickness; (2) lined smooth; (3) lined roughness; (4) lined homogeneity. According to the requirements of these products have different advantages and defects on the surface of a variety of in the past, in this case a new integrated the advantages of various complementary professional surface processing products have emerged, non-woven abrasive velvet sheets (commonly known as nylon 100 clean cloth, nylon cloth). Also can not say that the polishing wheel to withdraw from the stage, but it is not suitable.
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