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How about the use of non woven wheel and polishing wheel

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  In the polishing industry is not the wheel and polishing wheel is the master will often be used, so it is necessary to learn their understanding of the very clear, including speed, material, color, etc.. These are all to understand clearly, we focus on the following key to explain how the speed of the polishing wheel.

  First, the impact of the speed of the wheel on the polishing wheel, in general, the workpiece material is hard and surface treatment is required for a relatively high speed to be polished, which is the same as the polishing wheel. However, it should be noted that, whether it is a polishing wheel or a long time in this state is not a long time to be in such a state is to reduce the use of life. In short, the workpiece material is relatively soft selection of low speed, the results of its surface treatment is relatively rough. The influence of feeding speed of workpiece local lines: the feed speed more quickly, some were grinding time is short, ridge segment number less; feed speed is slow, allowing a longer time to deal with local lines.

  We know the non-woven wheel and polishing wheel in fact, in terms of speed is almost there, as long as we can understand it.
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