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Rare in our life is the sponge polishing wheel, what are the characteristics?
1. The main components of the sponge polishing wheel structure is the use of special synthetic resin, avoid the phenomenon of the fever.PVA sponge wheel usually in dry grinding.
2. Soft bond is slow, not deep defects on the surface of the abrasive grain, can even beautiful yan noodles, often use the sponge wheel of # 150 can be pretty to stick
Soil light surface of grinding wheel or gauze round # 400.
3. Because of the grinding wheel structure made of special synthetic resin combination, not only can enhance its wear resistance force and cutting force, more because of the grinding wheel group due to the existence of the special air hole, can rapidly eliminate wear debris, not stuffing and heat appropriate grinding work in long time.
Actually, the reason is water resistant PVA grinding tool to replace the traditional polishing wheel grinding materials, widely used in non-ferrous metals, hard alloy and precision grinding of various non-metallic materials, especially suitable for grinding抛光轮

Strict hot grinding process and grinding objects.Commonly used grinding process and grinding objects are: photographic printing mirror grinding of zinc board, magnesium board;Stainless steel surface polishing;The thin copper surface to remove oxide skin, grinding, polishing;The surface of the copper belt, steel belt polishing;Stainless steel tableware, watches watchcase and stainless steel pipes and other stainless steel workpiece grinding and mirror polishing.Permalloy chromium, copper alloy, magnesium alloy material of fine grinding and polishing.Copiers roller, printing TongGun and playback of fine grinding head, card head;IT industry PCB/CCL pressing plate, aluminum platters of computer hard disk in fine grinding and polishing;Kinescope glass shell and LCD flat, hard, optical glass, synthetic resin lens, printing rubber roller, high-grade leather, jade, ivory, craft ceramics, microcrystalline glass and other non-metallic materials of fine grinding and polishing.Measurement instrument calibration correction, beauty knife ultra fine grinding, fine grinding, sliding surfaces of a miniature precision bearing damping rod of ultra fine grinding, various auto bearing, compressor shaft insteae and all kinds of mould processing, etc.
That is about the sponge polishing wheel is introduced.


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